Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Monday 26/2/07

Started last night with the dance warm up, I swear they're getting more energetic each week, coped O.K. again *thumbs up*
Done some stretching excercises afterwards, wow, they really helped, especially one which was a bit like a push up

After the dancing, we done.... more dancing, well, marching, for the military song. Kinda like a fun audition, not to bothered if I get into that dance. I'd rather do McElliots Pool.

We spent a while going over our movements for the opening song, it's amazing how people forget from one week to the next what they are doing, and as the Director said "I don't think we'll have a full cast until opening night" I don't know how people miss rehearsals and then know what they are ment to be doing (or think they know)
So after the opening number we worked a lot on Horton Hears a Who/Biggest Blame fool, finishing off this piece, well all my fears of being a Tribesperson have vanised, as we humans are on stage for the entire number, and even get to do some nifty spinning and dipping! Go Tribly people!

Another good rehearsal, I am SO excited about this show.

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Teli said...

Keep up the good work.