Saturday, June 17, 2006

Went to see Southport Amatuer Dramatic's "The Secret Garden" last night. It was good, The Kids were very good and the lead roles ( Lily, Martha, Dickon, Archibald, Dr. Craven and Ben) Were Excellent, the supporting cast were mixed, some decent singers and some who need some work. The staging was simple, but effective, with suggestive sets and a screen at the back to suggest where the scenes were being held.
The acting was good, with some really sweet scenes between Dickon & Mary.
All in all a decent performance, although very very amateurish in places. (mostly to do with the set changing and chorus)

Monday, June 12, 2006

Hello! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, been rather busy!

Had a concert in Greasby Saturday just gone, what a cracker it was, everyone sang beautifully, and we had a full house.

I done Matchmaker again (I say I, when I mean 2 of the girls and I) and it was the best we'd ever done it, vocally brilliant, and acting-wise we were on fire! Never felt so good after doing it before!

We also performed some songs from the Secret Garden, which went down quite well, hopefully we'll sell lots of tickets!

The Secret Garden is coming along nicely, we had a run through on Sunday and although I couldn't stay for the entire duration (due to me being very ill with hayfever.) I managed the first act, which went O.K. considering it's only half set and we've only run it once before.

On a more professional note, I have booked tickets to see the Rocky horror show, 2 weeks today! I cannot wait! Question is, do I dress up?