Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hello, just a little update, Last night (20/10) I participated in a "Stars in Their Eyes" night, to raise money for our upcoming production of Seussical, it was a blast, I performed as Gwen Stefani, I really enjoyed myself, as I love singing "Don't Speak" it suits my voice so well.

Some highlights og the night were "Lady Marmalade" (AKA Nikki, Nicky, Tia and Sharon)
"Beyonce and Jay-Z" (AKA Wendy and Mark)
"Bjork" (AKA Tia)
These being the main comedy acts, there were a few, more serious songs, such as Goodbye to Love, I will always love you and Don't Speak.
Tonight (21/10) We sang at the Royal Liverpool Golf Club (Y'know, the one which hosted the Open in 2006!) It went down really really well, and they fed us salmon sandwiches (result, I thought, as I hadn't had any dinner.)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Well hello Blog! It is an AGE since we last met, and in that time, we have performed our week long run of The Secret Garden, to a FULL HOUSE every single night, we were turning people away at the door!!
I had a Blast doing it, and was so emotional on the last night!!!

And now, onto bigger and better things, in the shape of Seussical The Musical, we had our very first rehersal last night, it was so cool, auditions are on the 5th November, I am Auditioning for Gertrude McFuzz and Maizie LaBird, I am nervous already!!!!

Going to London tomorrow, seeing Wicked!!! on THURSDAY (boy that has come around quicklY!!!!)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Rehersal last night was fun, just the maze scene again, my fellow soloists are getting the hang of A) what they're singing and B) where they're moving to, albiet seperatly, it seems to be doing them together that is the hard part!

Only 7 weeks 6 days to Wicked... not that I'm counting down at all.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Rehersal was good last night, all the normal stuff, ran the opening, done the Final Storm (it's amazing how people can't sing and move at the same time) and set the finale.

I have an audition space at the BBC New Talent; Voice of Musical theatre

I am bricking it already!!!! Gotta chose a song to sing now!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Wednesday night we had a small concert for the John Moore's University in Liverpool. The concert was held in the Grounds (actually in the student accomodation) near the Anglican Cathedral, in a Marquee. It was attended by some pretty high-brow people, including Cherie Blair, The Lord Mayor, Barbra Dickson, Andrew Collinge and Phil Redmond. We sang in between their main course and pudding, half an hour, about 7 songs, they went down really well, there was torrents of polite clapping!!! I was standing on the front row, for some reason I couldn't stop smiling! I must have looked posessed!

Ah well back to normal rehesals on Monday!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Can't belive I haven't posted in well over a month!!

Well in that time, rehearsals have been going swimmingly, The Secret Garden is beginning to come together quite nicely, I'm practially off the book with regards to lyrics, and know all my hand movements, and movements for my "solo" song (It's a maze)

W.K.L.O.S. have a small, but prestigious concert at the Angilcan Cathedral on Wednesday night, apparently it's for some rather high brow people, including Cherie Blair! I'm sort of glad I don't have a solo, I think I would actually get nervous!

I went to see "The Rocky Horror Show" at the Liverpool Empire, what a blast it was, not an evening of high calibre musical theatre, but a truley fun and exciting production! David Bedula was amazing as Frank 'n' Furter, Suzanne "Hear'say" Shaw was mediocre as Janet, but better and more alive in the 2nd half of the show!
Rocky certainly had the Charles Atlas Seal of approval, moved and sung well. Brad as ever was non-drescriptive, not heroic at all. Magenta, Columbia and Riff-Raff all done very well, Riff-Raff's voice was a beautiful resonant tenor. The entire cast were outstanding, and the chorus really created a lot of sound and depth considering there were only 4 of them!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Went to see Southport Amatuer Dramatic's "The Secret Garden" last night. It was good, The Kids were very good and the lead roles ( Lily, Martha, Dickon, Archibald, Dr. Craven and Ben) Were Excellent, the supporting cast were mixed, some decent singers and some who need some work. The staging was simple, but effective, with suggestive sets and a screen at the back to suggest where the scenes were being held.
The acting was good, with some really sweet scenes between Dickon & Mary.
All in all a decent performance, although very very amateurish in places. (mostly to do with the set changing and chorus)

Monday, June 12, 2006

Hello! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, been rather busy!

Had a concert in Greasby Saturday just gone, what a cracker it was, everyone sang beautifully, and we had a full house.

I done Matchmaker again (I say I, when I mean 2 of the girls and I) and it was the best we'd ever done it, vocally brilliant, and acting-wise we were on fire! Never felt so good after doing it before!

We also performed some songs from the Secret Garden, which went down quite well, hopefully we'll sell lots of tickets!

The Secret Garden is coming along nicely, we had a run through on Sunday and although I couldn't stay for the entire duration (due to me being very ill with hayfever.) I managed the first act, which went O.K. considering it's only half set and we've only run it once before.

On a more professional note, I have booked tickets to see the Rocky horror show, 2 weeks today! I cannot wait! Question is, do I dress up?

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Nothing much has been happening lately, I've missed a couple of rehersals because I have been on holiday (only to Torquay)
Well, I have rehersales tomorrow, so another update then I think!!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rehersals went well last night, done more work on "House on the Hill" and "Storm"

One of the Women in the chorus went to NY over Easter, and her Husband & Daughter went to see Wicked (she didn't!!!) and they brought me a Playbill back, which I was made up with!!

I also have been given a small solo part in Secret Garden! Way cool *thumbs up*

Friday night I went to see Seussical, S.O.N.G (Southport Operatic New Generation) performed it, at the Southport Arts Centre, I was blown away, the talent those kids have, all of them were stellar! I'm really looking forward to doing Seussical next year!!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Auditions were on Thursday, they went ok.
I'd only sang the music once before, talk about being prepared!!! But either way, I got into the chorus, which is what I auditioned for basically. It's only a small chorus (apparantly)

Rehersals start on Monday, should be fun!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Last night we had a sing through for the music of "The Secret Garden" which is our next production, (in September) The music seems very sweet and endearing, I am thinking now of auditoning for Claire, or Alice, or to be an extra Dreamer!

Tomorrow (Wed 29/03/06) I have to go to my old college, as one of my tutors has asked me to play some flute for a recording for someones G.C.S.E. Music course, It will be good to see some of my old tutors, weird, but good.

Thursday 30/03/06; I have auditions for "The Secret Garden" Here's to good singing, The audition is gonna be like a workshop, I'm excited, but also nervous!!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Wilkommen, bienvenue, Welcome!

This will be my blog where you can read all about my tales of Am-Dram and Musicals!
I better introduce myself, I'm Amy, 23 and I live on the Wirral. I am a Mezzo-Soprano, with a strong, belter voice, I have a HND in Music Performance that I passed mostly with distinction, majoring in singing, I also play Flute, Alto/tenor/baritone sax, Clarinet, and a little Oboe.I Can bash out a few chords on the piano too!
I have played in a few musicals:
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat (flute)
Jesus Christ Superstar (2 times, once flute, once flute/sax/clarinet)
My Fair Lady (Sax)
Cabaret (Tenor Sax)
Oliver! (flute)

I have sang in numerous college gigs (mostly covering No Doubt!) and performed in:
Cinderella (Ugly Stepsister)
Christmas at Croxteth (Multiple characters)
Ghost Stories (Narrator)
Subterrainian Liverpool (Narrator)
A play About a group of Women in WW2 (I was called in late on this)

I have sang on the Philharmonice hall, Liverpool, With Sing Live Merseyside, in which I sang Sarah in Wheels of a Dream & New Music, from the musical "Ragtime" I have also, with Sing Live performed at the Albert Hall London.
I was in a production of Oliver! October 2005 where I played the Strawberry Seller.
My most recent production was "A Night On Broadway" Where I had a solo spot as Hodel in the Song "Matchmaker" from fiddler on the roof!

3 of my favourite musicals are: Wicked (got tix for Oct 5th) Miss Saigon (Seen Twice) and Sunset Boulevard (seen once)

Musicals I have seen:
Cats (L'pool and B'pool)
Miss Saigon (L'pool & M'chester)
Les Mis (L'pool & M'chester)
Sunset Boulevard (L'pool)
My Fair Lady (L'pool)
Barnum (L'pool)
Joseph (L'pool & B'pool)
Jesus Christ Superstar (L'pool)
Scrooge (New Brighton lol)
Beauty & the Beast (L'pool twice)
Little Shop of Horrors (Preston!)
Blood Brothers (L'pool)
Phantom of the Opera (M'chester)
Annie (L'pool)
Sweet Charity (New Brighton)
Hello Dolly (Stoke)
Titanic (L'pool)
Starlight Express (L'pool twice)

There we are, you know a little bit about me and my music, I will be updating this regularly to keep tabs on rehersals for upcoming shows, auditions and anything else that I think of!