Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Monday 26/2/07

Started last night with the dance warm up, I swear they're getting more energetic each week, coped O.K. again *thumbs up*
Done some stretching excercises afterwards, wow, they really helped, especially one which was a bit like a push up

After the dancing, we done.... more dancing, well, marching, for the military song. Kinda like a fun audition, not to bothered if I get into that dance. I'd rather do McElliots Pool.

We spent a while going over our movements for the opening song, it's amazing how people forget from one week to the next what they are doing, and as the Director said "I don't think we'll have a full cast until opening night" I don't know how people miss rehearsals and then know what they are ment to be doing (or think they know)
So after the opening number we worked a lot on Horton Hears a Who/Biggest Blame fool, finishing off this piece, well all my fears of being a Tribesperson have vanised, as we humans are on stage for the entire number, and even get to do some nifty spinning and dipping! Go Tribly people!

Another good rehearsal, I am SO excited about this show.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Just a little thing I made in 5 mins! To put on message boards and the like

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Monday's rehersal was great, I am starting to get the hang of this dancing thing (in the dance-warm up session) It's nothing majorly difficult, but my co-ordination is getting a lot better.

We just sang through the Who's music, concentrating on facial expression awareness, using our faces, and smiling whilst whoing.

We moved onto the opening, ran that (a bit pants) and into the jungle of nool (possibly a bit more pants) and then we set Whoville, I am a girl-group who! Possibly even a cheerleader who, which is cool, but my girl group consisits of one other girl, and she wasn't there last night!

Tuesday 20/02/07
Went to see Starlight Express (again, 3rd time) at the Liverpool Empire, excellent show, some changes to cast were very good (Poppa,Pearl, Flat Top and Dustin) some were not as good (Rusty,Dinah,Buffy,Ashley) and there were some cast members who were the same as last time (Greaseball and Elecktra)
The set was a lot simpler this time around, no "runway" out into the stalls, and only 2 moveable ramps which were used to great effect to creat small sets.
The Singing was great, apart from Pearl and Rusty not going for some of the Big Belty parts of songs. (the girls weren't vocally as strong as the last tour)
No-one fell over, although Pearl did stumble a little at the start of "Only He" which threw her a little off her next line, but she recovered very well.
All in all an excellent show, STEX is a show which I could watch again and again, it's so entertaining, if a little lacking in plot/character development!
It really captured the audience, who were great, and on average very young!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Weeeeeee Blogger is working again, I thought I had lost my blog for a minute. I was in turmoil!

Well rehersal was good on Monday, we sang through a couple of new numbers, and then worked on the opening number, and tried to link it through to "Horton Hears a Who" (in which I am a tribes person, remember) I feel a lot better about this, as we had a good laugh pretending to be cave-people and doing stuff such as plaiting hair and stirring the cooking pot! It was good fun.I ended up on the floor sunbathing, which is something I could get used to, maybe we could get a couple of daquiris and I'd be set to do the entire show off my face (I am honestly NOT a drunk!)

Going to see my friend J in his dance show tonight, despite the fact that I haven't seen my Other half properly all week, again, but we've decided it's better I go tonight than tomorrow and as he is working in Chorley (WTF) he's gonna be tired anyway.

Going to see Starlight Express (again, 3rd time) on Tuesday, should be a good show. Then in just over 2 weeks (or just under 3...) we are going to see Wicked again, I am so unbelivably excited you wouldn't belive, and hopefully I'll enjoy the 1st half more this time (I needed a pee from before Dancing [darrrrrncing] Through Life. Ouch)

Friday, February 09, 2007

Sunday 04/02/07

I went to see Beyond The Barricade, a touring show which features some of the West Ends best performers, singing some of the West Ends greatest Hits. The show featured Andy, they guy who took the Miss Saigon Workshop back in October. It was a pleasure to see him and his comrades perform, they all has stellar voices, and it was lovely to see Andy again after the show for a quick catch up!

Monday 05/02/07

Much more of the same really, managed to do the dance-warm up this week, as I kept well away from shop shutters! Re-capped (or should I say Knee-capped) what we did last week, and finished the number off, feeling much better about my dancing!

Wednesday 07/02/07

Kneepads came! No more sore knees!

Friday 09/02/09

Got my Roch Valley dance sneakers, they are GORGEOUS, black, with pink piping!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Whooo, I've been lazy this week, not updating till Friday!

Seussical rehersal was GRRRRRREAT on Monday, we started to stage the opening scene (All the Thinks you can Think) and I am right on the front of the stage, mostly on my knees, being a cat-esque (C) creature! Still haven't got ALL the way through it, my knees were killing me at the end of rehersals, so I have ordered some knee pads (£12...cheek)

Yesterday I had an informal audition with a local songwriter and producer, who are looking for vocalists for their up and coming projects, they seemed impressed with my voice, and the fact that I play all my instruments, and sight read! So fingers crossed I get to do some paid work!!!