Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Can't belive I haven't posted in well over a month!!

Well in that time, rehearsals have been going swimmingly, The Secret Garden is beginning to come together quite nicely, I'm practially off the book with regards to lyrics, and know all my hand movements, and movements for my "solo" song (It's a maze)

W.K.L.O.S. have a small, but prestigious concert at the Angilcan Cathedral on Wednesday night, apparently it's for some rather high brow people, including Cherie Blair! I'm sort of glad I don't have a solo, I think I would actually get nervous!

I went to see "The Rocky Horror Show" at the Liverpool Empire, what a blast it was, not an evening of high calibre musical theatre, but a truley fun and exciting production! David Bedula was amazing as Frank 'n' Furter, Suzanne "Hear'say" Shaw was mediocre as Janet, but better and more alive in the 2nd half of the show!
Rocky certainly had the Charles Atlas Seal of approval, moved and sung well. Brad as ever was non-drescriptive, not heroic at all. Magenta, Columbia and Riff-Raff all done very well, Riff-Raff's voice was a beautiful resonant tenor. The entire cast were outstanding, and the chorus really created a lot of sound and depth considering there were only 4 of them!

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