Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hello, just a little update, Last night (20/10) I participated in a "Stars in Their Eyes" night, to raise money for our upcoming production of Seussical, it was a blast, I performed as Gwen Stefani, I really enjoyed myself, as I love singing "Don't Speak" it suits my voice so well.

Some highlights og the night were "Lady Marmalade" (AKA Nikki, Nicky, Tia and Sharon)
"Beyonce and Jay-Z" (AKA Wendy and Mark)
"Bjork" (AKA Tia)
These being the main comedy acts, there were a few, more serious songs, such as Goodbye to Love, I will always love you and Don't Speak.
Tonight (21/10) We sang at the Royal Liverpool Golf Club (Y'know, the one which hosted the Open in 2006!) It went down really really well, and they fed us salmon sandwiches (result, I thought, as I hadn't had any dinner.)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Well hello Blog! It is an AGE since we last met, and in that time, we have performed our week long run of The Secret Garden, to a FULL HOUSE every single night, we were turning people away at the door!!
I had a Blast doing it, and was so emotional on the last night!!!

And now, onto bigger and better things, in the shape of Seussical The Musical, we had our very first rehersal last night, it was so cool, auditions are on the 5th November, I am Auditioning for Gertrude McFuzz and Maizie LaBird, I am nervous already!!!!

Going to London tomorrow, seeing Wicked!!! on THURSDAY (boy that has come around quicklY!!!!)