Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hello, just a little update, Last night (20/10) I participated in a "Stars in Their Eyes" night, to raise money for our upcoming production of Seussical, it was a blast, I performed as Gwen Stefani, I really enjoyed myself, as I love singing "Don't Speak" it suits my voice so well.

Some highlights og the night were "Lady Marmalade" (AKA Nikki, Nicky, Tia and Sharon)
"Beyonce and Jay-Z" (AKA Wendy and Mark)
"Bjork" (AKA Tia)
These being the main comedy acts, there were a few, more serious songs, such as Goodbye to Love, I will always love you and Don't Speak.
Tonight (21/10) We sang at the Royal Liverpool Golf Club (Y'know, the one which hosted the Open in 2006!) It went down really really well, and they fed us salmon sandwiches (result, I thought, as I hadn't had any dinner.)

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