Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Great rehersal last night, we done the Whos, played around with a few ideas, I am going to be a High School Who, the Vicars daughter! we are going for a perfect 50's thing, almost like Pleasntville or the Stepford wives, kinda so perfect it's creepy, it will be fun to see this look develop!

Done the dance warm-up again, better this week, I was more focused and co-ordinated.

Got the list of songs for the up-and-coming concerts, I am singing Matchmaker (trio), Bring On Tomorrow (Group) and All That Jazz (Duet)!!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Rehersal on Monday was more of the same, except I was there early... actually, that's no different, I'm always there early, but this week lots of other people were too, usually there is just me JJ & RD there at 7pm!! We were all there for Miss Choreographers Dance Fitness, just a little bit of aerobics to warm us all up and to try and shed some pounds! Well I must be fitter than I thought, cause we didn't stop for 20 mins and I wasn't even out of breath, and I can touch my toes!

Singing: Nothing new, just went over Biggest Blame Fool and the Who's music.

Blocking: Can't wait to set The Whos and the opening scene. I'm not particularly enjoying the jungle at the moment, but that's all we seem to be doing!

Oh, I also auditioned for Yertle the Turtle, needless to say I didn't get it as I was up against W, who is an outstanding comic actress who seems to be able to contort her face in so many ways it's untrue, and could get the low F which I can just not get, as I'm NOT AN ALTO!!!! (amyisatruemezzosoprano)
JB said when I questioned MY faces mobility "You're far to pretty to make stupid faces"

Monday, January 15, 2007

I just got back from a Weekend in Skipton in Lancashire (Yorkshire?) doing a Miss Saigon workshop, and it was Fantastic, we learnt, staged and performed 3 songs, "The Heat is on in Saigon" "Movie in my Mind" and "The Fall of Saigon"
I learnt so much, about staging, direction, performing and acting (more so I found out that I could act!)

Oh I also got cast as Kim!!! Which was amazing and such a confidence boost it's unbelivable. I performed her part in "The Heat is on in Saigon" and part of "Movie in my Mind" (The role was split because of the amount of ladies! I.e. they split nearly all of "Movie in my Mind") But, it was Fantastic

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Seussical rehersal

Last night was good, I think, sang through a couple of the songs (Biggest Blame Fool and Here On Who) Then we were told what animals we would be in the Jungle of Nool. I say animals, most people were, but I am a tribes woman. Fair enough, as long as I don't have to wear a mob cap. (although I do feel as if they've put me as a TW because my movement isn't as good as other people. That's beside the point, as we all still get to sing the same stuff, and if we get our scenario really good we could steal the scene) us Tribesfolk aslo got told we are going to be the main Whos so.... well Whos are Cool I guess. Small though.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

New year, New posts

Well 2007 is upon us, and with it comes a LOT of hard work, well up until June anyway, rehersals start full tilt on Monday (8th Jan) for our production of "Seussical the Musical" at the Liverpool Empire which starts on the 27 June and runs for a stonking 3 night till the 30th June, with a SAT matinee performance!
I am also starting my tap dancing properly, in a ever-lasting effort to get fit and toned up!

I guess on Monday we find out if we're "Whos" or "Nools" I'm hoping I'm a Noolian or a general Dogsbody, I would like to do as much as possible!!!

Next week, I have a "Miss Saigon" Workshop Weekend, in Leeds, which I am most excited about, although it will be a little scary, as we're apparently working with some top West-End directors (?) Maybe they'll see me and say "SHE NEEDS TO BE ELLEN IN OUR REVIVAL" (and we know what happens to people who play Ellen...They go on to be Elphaba!!!)

Our Christmas Concert went down very well, played to packed houses every night!

WKLOS have got a few concerts lined up, including a couple at Chester Zoo (nicely tied in with Seussical!) One at the Gladstone Theatre and 3 nights at Westborne Hall in April, looking forward to rehersing for all of that!

Well I will be updating more frequently now we're just about to start rehersing properly, and will try and bring as much detail and funny stories as I can!