Thursday, January 18, 2007

Rehersal on Monday was more of the same, except I was there early... actually, that's no different, I'm always there early, but this week lots of other people were too, usually there is just me JJ & RD there at 7pm!! We were all there for Miss Choreographers Dance Fitness, just a little bit of aerobics to warm us all up and to try and shed some pounds! Well I must be fitter than I thought, cause we didn't stop for 20 mins and I wasn't even out of breath, and I can touch my toes!

Singing: Nothing new, just went over Biggest Blame Fool and the Who's music.

Blocking: Can't wait to set The Whos and the opening scene. I'm not particularly enjoying the jungle at the moment, but that's all we seem to be doing!

Oh, I also auditioned for Yertle the Turtle, needless to say I didn't get it as I was up against W, who is an outstanding comic actress who seems to be able to contort her face in so many ways it's untrue, and could get the low F which I can just not get, as I'm NOT AN ALTO!!!! (amyisatruemezzosoprano)
JB said when I questioned MY faces mobility "You're far to pretty to make stupid faces"

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