Friday, February 16, 2007

Weeeeeee Blogger is working again, I thought I had lost my blog for a minute. I was in turmoil!

Well rehersal was good on Monday, we sang through a couple of new numbers, and then worked on the opening number, and tried to link it through to "Horton Hears a Who" (in which I am a tribes person, remember) I feel a lot better about this, as we had a good laugh pretending to be cave-people and doing stuff such as plaiting hair and stirring the cooking pot! It was good fun.I ended up on the floor sunbathing, which is something I could get used to, maybe we could get a couple of daquiris and I'd be set to do the entire show off my face (I am honestly NOT a drunk!)

Going to see my friend J in his dance show tonight, despite the fact that I haven't seen my Other half properly all week, again, but we've decided it's better I go tonight than tomorrow and as he is working in Chorley (WTF) he's gonna be tired anyway.

Going to see Starlight Express (again, 3rd time) on Tuesday, should be a good show. Then in just over 2 weeks (or just under 3...) we are going to see Wicked again, I am so unbelivably excited you wouldn't belive, and hopefully I'll enjoy the 1st half more this time (I needed a pee from before Dancing [darrrrrncing] Through Life. Ouch)

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