Friday, February 09, 2007

Sunday 04/02/07

I went to see Beyond The Barricade, a touring show which features some of the West Ends best performers, singing some of the West Ends greatest Hits. The show featured Andy, they guy who took the Miss Saigon Workshop back in October. It was a pleasure to see him and his comrades perform, they all has stellar voices, and it was lovely to see Andy again after the show for a quick catch up!

Monday 05/02/07

Much more of the same really, managed to do the dance-warm up this week, as I kept well away from shop shutters! Re-capped (or should I say Knee-capped) what we did last week, and finished the number off, feeling much better about my dancing!

Wednesday 07/02/07

Kneepads came! No more sore knees!

Friday 09/02/09

Got my Roch Valley dance sneakers, they are GORGEOUS, black, with pink piping!

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