Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hello blog, it's been a while!

Well, a lot has happened in the 3 weeks or so since my last posting, I've been to London to see Wicked again, which was just Phenominal, considering Martin Ball (Dr. Dillamond) and Katie Rowley-Jones (Nessarose) were both off. Kerry Ellis was great as Elphaba, although I think she needs to really become Elphaba, not just act her. Vocally she's superb.


It's been a hard working few weeks with Seussical, found out I am a fish, which is fantastic, because I get to sing in "It's Possible" Which is one of my favourite songs in the show! So we've worked on that last week Monday 12th March. We have had our first Sunday rehearsal, which went very well, we ran through (not so much as a run as a drunken stagger) Act 1, which gave a nice flow to it, and showed us how much work we've done, and more importantly, how much we need to do before June 27th!

This Monday 19th March the Military Peeps had to be there early, I figure they would be doing the music, and since I had nothing better to do, I went along to watch, silly me. Turned out our MD is unwell (great, 4 days before a concert) so the Powers That Be (Director and Choreographer) decided to stage it, and guess who got roped into being a body to fill up a gap (left by someone who just didn't show up) Me! So now at least I know how the military goes!!!
Rest of rehearsal was much of the same old same old, spent some time in the Jungle of Nool and then played with Chasing the Who, In which I am a Who! Which is great, contrary to what I said when we started rehearsing this show!

The Magic of the West End

This concert, which is on Fri 23rd March, I don't know how I feel, some songs are vastly under-rehearsed which could spell catasrophe on Fri. Night if people aren't at full concentration. At least we have a full run on Thursday night.

Other News

I have an audition for a Short Course in Musical Theatre at LIPA on Thursday, open workshop type audition, so should be fun, that's from 6-7 then rehearsal at gladstone 7:30 sharp!

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