Friday, January 15, 2016

I can't believe it's 2016

My last post was 2012....

Oh boy.

I feel like neglecting this blog is an awesome hobby...

So, we did Titanic in 2012 and it didnt make as much money as planned, artistically it was wonderful and the creative experience was brilliant, but the result was a big loss for the society.

So.... since then we haven't staged a major show.

2013 saw "eurobeat" with Neston Players. I was the lead singer for Hungary. I had to sing in Hungarian!!

2015 was supposed to be the year we did Sister Act, we held auditions, in October 2014.
I got cast as michelle or tina... we never got round to deciding which part as the show never went ahead, for many, many reasons. It resulted in a major shake up with the society and the formation of a new committee & new chairman - all for the better of the society!

2015 we staged a "moved concert" called "From this moment on" - a new beginning and new chapter in WKLOS history

We have done many different concerts including The Philharmonic Hall (A DDay celebration concert) and St Georges Hall (A Christmas Concert) 

So, onto 2016.

In the first half of 2016 we are doing 2  productions.

The first is Stephen Sondheim's musical comedy "Company" in May at Westbourne Hall

In July we will be producing a full company concert celebrating all the classic American Composers in "The Great American Songbook"


Company ia going to be brilliant. We had a fantastic couple of nights workshops, going through the music and exploring the dance side of the show!

Last Sunday was audition day.... oh god the nerves.... the whole hall was buzzing with tension and nerves. Everyone wanted to bw a part of this small cast (14) musical so much!

I auditioned for Marta & Susan.

We then had to wait unitil the following WEDNESDAY. Oh lordy the wait was excruciating. Every time my phone buzzed with an email my tummy flipped!

Then, on Wednesday night I got THE EMAIL.

I GOT THE PART!!! I have been cast as Marta
Well. I screamed, I was shaking, I cried a little bit!

Now the hard work starts. We start reheasals soon and I am most definitely going to be keeping a blog of our rehearsal process as this is a first MAJOR role in a show for me! Had lots of small roles before...

So. COMPANY 2016... bring it on!!

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