Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Damn. Damn. Damn.

It's took me so so long to post this...

Last Thursday I did something really, really stupid.

I fell down the step in work, and badly sprained my ankle, we honestly thought it was broken the way I hot the deck and the amount of pain. Holy crap. I have never felt pain like it.

Rushed straight to A&E, xray and all that jazz, luckily... no brake, just a very bad sprain. Tuesday now, and I've only just started putting my heel on the floor to walk. It's swollen, bruised and very unstable.

So, no dancing for me for a few weeks at least.... dammit. Luckily we have JUST finised choreo for crazy & side by side. Phew.

Sunday's rehearsal was spent sat with my leg up, watching the blocking for "company" so at least I saw what I'm supposed to be doing!

Last night I wasn't called so I spent it with my feet up!

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