Friday, February 12, 2016

Company rehearsals Monday 1/2/16, Sunday 7/2/16, Monday 8/2/16 and Wednesday 10/2/16

Monday 1st Feb
What an easy rehearsal, nice dance warm up (getting fitter.... ha!) then the Husbands and Wives set a bit more of "Side by Side" Whilst us Girlfriends went off and sang through "You Could Drive a Person Crazy" a few times! 2nd half we had a bash through "Company" - it's kinda tricky but not something we can't handle!

Sunday 7th Feb
Another easy rehearsal, I was only called to start on "Another Hundred People" - which we did about 30 minutes work on (anymore I think would be too knackering!) That was that... ended up watching the rest of the afternoon as it was more entertaining than going home to watch the TV.

Monday 8/2/16
This was a bit of a strange one, we had a lot of people missing, so we started with a dance warm up, which was great! Need to be doing these every day Haha!

Then the Husbands & Wives went on to re-cap and set some more of "Side by side" - a part of which we girlfriends are not in, SO I stood in for someone who was not there (we were a bit thin on the ground on Monday night!) Therefore I have learned choreo for a bit that I am not in, then when I do come in will be doing something totally different!

After a short tea break, we again did some work on "Company" It's really hard when half the cast are MIA but we battled through... and didn't even get to the bit where Marta joins in... ho hum.

Wednesday 10/2/16

DANCING TIME! wahoo, we began to set the choreo... hang on a sec... did I just WAHOO Dancing... this is something I never thought I'd do. I'm not a natural dancer (I'm very clumsy) anyway, we started choreo for "You Could Drive a Person Crazy" - It's so fun, kinda cute, and incredibly sassy!

Things are really starting to come along now and we are back at rehearsal on Sunday, for blocking all my scenes... ooo this should be fun!

Till the next update....

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